Release of Papyrus AFP Viewer Version 7.12

Improvements in this version:

  • Introduction of persistent resource cache
    In case of reusing resources in a portal solution it saves time for transfer
  • Windows conform MSI
    – Installation without ISIS installation routine
    – Use the Windows standard directories for installation and user data produced by the application (log, cache data)
    samples: program directory: %COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\ISIS, data directory: %HOMEPATH%\AppData\[LocalLow]
  • Improved Search
  • TTF support: Papyrus AFP Viewer supports AFP using TTF fonts.
  • Improved GOCA support
  • New function to save AFP to file system
  • Support of bookmarks
  • Print quality and speed improvement
  • IS/3 compliancy

Note: all previous installations have to be uninstalled completely before installing this version. All subsequent updates will be possible without the uninstall procedure.