Release of Free Papyrus AFP Viewer V7.1 SP7


Free AFP Viewer

Improvements in this version:

  • User interface: Addressing usability aspects
    Several items of the graphical user interface (button names, tool tips, toolbar names, windows) were adapted to support you with a more intuitive interface.
  • Print with copy control
    The Print toolbar contains the new Print with copy control button, which enables you to perform advanced settings as paper tray selection and copy control for different Copygroups when printing AFP documents.
  • Extensive documentation
    Together with the download link for the product you also receive a download link for the „Papyrus AFP Viewer Freeware Installation and Reference Guide“. This document describes the functionality of the Papyrus AFP Viewer and explains how to view, save, and print AFP documents. The document addresses administrators and application developers, who install the program and perform settings and configurations to adapt the interface to the user’s needs. Readers interested in the functionality find information about all elements of the graphical user interface.